Get more out of Salesforce in 2024
How to get the most out of Salesforce in 2024
8 December 2023
Vloeiend is a certified Twinfield partner
Vloeiend IT is a certified Twinfield partner
20 February 2024

Implementation of Twinfield Salesforce integration at HGJB

Vloeiend IT has recently entered into a partnership with HGJB, a non-profit organization active in the field of youth work. HGJB uses the Salesforce apps Converse and Findock for their member, donor and customer administration and they also work with the Twinfield accounting package.

The challenge

To invoice, it was necessary to regularly do manual exports from Salesforce to Twinfield for accounts receivable and invoices. In short, a lot of time was spent on all kinds of manual exports and many adjustments were also needed before an export file was suitable for import.

Our solution

To streamline their financial administration, we suggested synchronizing Twinfield and Salesforce with Sync 360. The processes have now become much simpler and clearer. Invoicing and debtor management now happen directly in Salesforce. This means that the debtors no longer have to be exported from Salesforce to Twinfield. This is only necessary for a number of journal entries to ensure that the accounts are balanced.

The reading and reconciliation of bank statements is now only done in Twinfield. Rules that cannot be matched in Twinfield are then retrieved by Sync 360 and placed in Salesforce. Findock Guided Matching is then used to find the correct invoice for payment.


The bank statements now only have to be processed from Twinfield once. What cannot be processed from Twinfield is automatically processed in Salesforce. Far fewer imports and exports now have to be done manually, and the processes are much less error-prone.


Would you like to know more about our connection for Sync 360? Please contact us for a consultation. Vloeiend IT is a certified Twinfield partner.


20 February 2024