Do you regularly organize events? Stop wasting time and switch to the Salesforce platform.

Event administration

In addition to the core business, companies regularly organize events. Ranging from customer contact days, workshops, network meetings, knowledge sessions to entire training programs. It's an extra and different task in comparison to the daily job and the existing business application is not equipped for it, so employees start using spreadsheets. A web form and an export file, done !!
But how is the protection of privacy sensitive information regulated?

We see it often, organizing an event is just an extra task added to the job.

Fine, all data of the participants is collected. But now what? How do we really organize the event?

Where do you record what you are going to do, when you do it and who or what you need for it, what will the costs be, who will receive which message at what time, invoicing, costs, margin etc. etc. More spreadsheets .... !! Just sending the invitations is only a matter of creating a merge file, right?

Oh yeah, needs to be done too ... !! Results: many manual actions, chance for mistakes, fragmented information (and customer data!). And before you know it, organizing a simple event takes a lot of time (and money).


Fortunately, it can be done different.

We have implemented event administrations for several customers based on Salesforce and used our experience to develop a standard solution that can be implemented in just a few days.

Organizing an event can be seen as carrying out a project that yields a product which is purchased by participants. Our event administration therefore consists of a simple to operate project administration and an associated order registration.

The advantage of this structure is that it is very flexible. For example, you can use it to organize a one-off knowledge session, but you can also use it for a multi-day event with various workshops or even entire training programs.

Benefits event administration in Salesforce

  • Maximum flexibility - fully customizable to your needs
  • User-friendly - modern and personalized interface
  • Extensive reporting options
  • Dashboards
  • Fully mobile - access anytime, anywhere via a native App
  • Extensive process automation capabilities
  • Safe
  • Full integration with CRM
  • 100% Salesforce

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Tailored to your situation

Our event administration can be expanded or modified for participant registrations and project administration (events).

Do you use a ticketing service and do you want to integrate it? Want to use a payment service such as Molly Payments? Generate invoices and transfer the bookings directly to your financial administration?

We have extensive experience in customizing Salesforce and making connections with other systems.

With our events administration you are prepared for the future.