Discover the benefits of Salesforce and Microsoft 365 integration

Microsoft Office Integration

If you use Salesforce and Microsoft 365, the possibilities for integration are almost endless. These integrations of Salesforce with Microsoft 365 can make your work easier and above all more efficient. Use Salesforce to automate your processes and store data in a structured way. Use the features in Microsoft 365 to collaborate on files and synchronize files offline.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Microsoft 365 offers the possibility to let Cloud applications authenticate against the Active Directory Service of a Microsoft 365 tenant. That is also possible with any Salesforce Org. By using this integration, users only need to log in once (SSO) to access Salesforce and Microsoft 365 applications. Microsoft and Salesforce both offer MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) as standard within a 365 tenant or Salesforce Org. MFA is an extra token security when logging in. A must if you take the security of your business environment seriously. Just a username and password is no longer enough. When MFA is activated within the Microsoft 365 tenant, and additionally SSO with Salesforce has been setup, then this automatically applies to the entire Salesforce environment.

FILE 365- Collaborate in projects with Salesforce and SharePoint

Microsoft 365 offers with SharePoint and Teams excellent tools to collaborate in projects and documents. Not only with colleagues but even with external contacts. By making use of intelligent links between Salesforce and Microsoft 365, it is possible to save documents from Salesforce directly to and open from SharePoint and to use all applications in Microsoft 365. For this purpose Vloeiend IT has developed a brand new app : FILE 365. When you use FILE 365, all files that you save in SharePoint are also immediately visible in Salesforce. This even applies to very large files, such as videos and PowerPoint presentations, which you normally cannot save in Salesforce. FILE 365 can be directly downloaded from the AppExchange.


Partners are very essential for an organization. Most organizations do not have all ICT disciplines in-house and therefore rely on their partners. Choosing a partner is not always easy. In addition to a good price / quality ratio, the mutual relationship is also important. Vloeiend IT aspires to build long-term relationships with our customers in which flexibility, professionalism, personal attention and respect are important pillars. Vloeiend IT’s core business is development within the Salesforce platform and building integrations with the Salesforce platform.

But Microsoft 365 offers a lot more. If you would like to know more about the possibilities of Azure and Microsoft 365, please contact for the Netherlands our partner KNS Automatisering.