Sync 360

Sync 360 is a native Salesforce solution to sync Salesforce with external systems, inbound and outbound. It enables Salesforce to become the central hub for all your business data.

Optimize your 360-degree customer view by syncing your external systems with Salesforce

Why Sync 360

The success of an organization is closely related to the availability and accuracy of data. In most companies, multiple systems co-exist and there is no single leading system that acts as a central hub for all data. By keeping data consistent in systems, everyone has the right information and, at the same time, has a 360-degree customer view.

een 360-graden klantbeeld

Salesforce as a central hub

Sync 360 is a native Salesforce solution and syncs Salesforce with all your external systems, inbound and outbound. Changes made in Salesforce are updated in real-time to the connected external systems. Syncing data from external systems to Salesforce can be fully automated and scheduled periodically.

Key features

  • Connect multiple systems to one Salesforce environment
  • Real-time updates
  • Scheduled Sync from External System to Salesforce
  • Customize data to sync
  • Queue for API limits in external systems
  • Built on the Salesforce platform

Built-in supported systems

Custom development
We can integrate any other system with API connections. Contact us for information.