FILE 365 Salesforce SharePoint integration

Preview and edit SharePoint files directly in Salesforce

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FILE 365 is an integration tool for Salesforce and SharePoint that allows you to open and edit documents in Salesforce with one click, without downloading. The integration ensures that all documents associated with a record in Salesforce are stored in SharePoint. Files can be opened and edited from Salesforce or from SharePoint.

Why FILE 365

Salesforce is a great flexible CRM system for managing customer relationships and related business information. Companies often use one system such as Salesforce for their customer data and store all relevant documents on another platform such as SharePoint. This puts a lot of pressure on productivity, as both systems must be kept up-to-date and the continuous switching between different applications interrupts the optimal workflow.

Two-way integration

FILE 365 integrates Salesforce and SharePoint and ensures that all relevant documents are linked to the related contact or account (or any other custom object in Salesforce) and stored in SharePoint.

The two-way integration ensures that files can be opened from either Salesforce or SharePoint: lf you work in Salesforce, you can open and edit the document directly from the record page. The file can be opened with just one click in the appropriate MS office application, without the need to download it first. 
When you edit a file in SharePoint, a file that was previously uploaded to Salesforce is immediately updated in Salesforce.

Empower Salesforce with SharePoint integration

FILE 365 combines both strengths of Salesforce and SharePoint: use Salesforce to automate your processes and use SharePoint to store data in a structured way. Never worry about losing updates to your Salesforce files again.

Open, Edit and Preview files
directly in Salesforce
with just one click!

FILE 365 is built on the Salesforce platform and can be downloaded via the Salesforce AppExchange.