The story behind FILE 365
8 April 2023
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20 February 2024

‘FILE 365 has become a complete Salesforce SharePoint integration’

Merk de Jager is co-owner of Salesforce Partner Vloeiend IT. In a previous blog, partner Floris Jan Galesloot already talked about the origins of our Salesforce SharePoint integration FILE 365. In this blog, Merk tells more about the focus of Vloeiend IT, how FILE 365 fits into this and what makes FILE 365 stand out.

The origins of Vloeiend IT and FILE 365

I started KNS Automatisering in 1994, which is now almost thirty years ago. When we started working with Salesforce, I was immediately enthusiastic about the possibilities. Contrary to what many people think, Salesforce is much more than a CRM solution, it’s really a development platform. In addition to the standard functionalities, you can upgrade the environment with tailor-made functions and workflows. When a customer was looking for a solution to easily work with Microsoft 365 files from Salesforce, it got us thinking. As Floris Jan already mentioned in his blog, this was the early beginning of both our company Vloeiend IT and our Salesforce SharePoint integration FILE 365.

Link with the outside world

Together with Floris Jan and Auke I have been running Vloeiend IT for six years now. Floris Jan really is the chief nerd, developing technological solutions is really his thing. Auke focuses on automating and optimizing business processes, mainly with Salesforce. I am really the link with the outside world: I engage in presales, follow up leads and do contract and license management. It is fair to say that I’m interfering with everything.

Making solutions more widely accessible

So FILE 365 started very simply: a customer wanted to be able to open and save Microsoft 365 files from Salesforce. Soon additional wishes arose, such as working in subfolders, seeing a preview of a file or automatically deleting a file from both Salesforce and SharePoint. We then looked at how we could generalize those wishes, so that we could make the solution readily deployable to more organizations.

New release FILE 365

The latest release of FILE 365 is coming soon. With this release, we have introduced a number of new features that will further boost file and document management workflows within Salesforce. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can say that File 365 has really become a complete Salesforce SharePoint integration. For example, you are now able to scroll through the content of documents in Salesforce without having to open them. This is an important customer requirement. There really are not many additional options left. After all, we are not trying to replicate SharePoint into Salesforce, but we are building specific functionalities in Salesforce, so that you can access all your documents and data from one application.

Optimize and automate business processes using Salesforce

At Vloeiend IT, our focus is on optimizing and automating business processes using Salesforce. This has resulted in FILE 365, but also in Sync 360, a native Salesforce solution for synchronizing Salesforce with external systems, other than Microsoft 365, via an API. Another product we have developed is DataTable. It allows organizations to do more with lists and records than what is available by default in Salesforce. DataTable was created as a solution for customers who find the possibilities of the standard “related lists” in the Salesforce environment too limited . With DataTable we can show advanced related lists in which more information is displayed and by whom fields can be edited in the list.


Would you like to know more about our products such as File 365 and Sync 360? Then visit our product websites and If you have any questions regarding our other services, feel free to contact us anytime. We are glad to be of assistance.


8 June 2023