File 365: Collaborate in documents directly from Salesforce and Microsoft 365

Integrate Salesforce and Microsoft 365

File 365 is the solution for combining the forces of Salesforce and Microsoft 365. Use Salesforce to automate your business processes and to save data in a structured way. Use the features of Microsoft 365 to simultaneously work in documents and to offline synchronize documents. 

Why use File 365

Managing documents from Salesforce itself demands discipline of users. Users need to download a document before editing. After changes are made you need to save ithe document on your local device, like your smartphone. Because it is not automatically uploaded to Salesforce you need to do this yourself. This is easily forgotten and changes might get lost.

File 365 enables you to edit your Microsoft 365 files directly from Salesforce.

Simultaneously working in documents in Salesforce is not as simple as it seems. You cannot see in Salesforce if anyone else is editing the same document you are editing. Uploading your changes in the document might override changes of other users if they saved their changes prior to your upload.

By using the Microsoft 365 applications you are able to work simultaneously in documents on SharePoint and OneDrive. Changes made by different users are combined and saved directly into the documents.

Files 365 makes it possible to use these Microsoft 365 features directly from Salesforce.

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How it works

Files 365 moves files that are uploaded to Salesforce directly to SharePoint or OneDrive in Microsoft 365. Salesforce will show the files and keep them related to the record.

All information about a document is available in Salesforce. A preview is shown in the Preview pane, which makes it easy to quickly view the documents content. Previews are available for all type of documents supported by the Office Online web applications. When a document is opened, the online Office App will be opened to view and edit the document. If desired the local Office application can be used for extensive use.

Even in the Salesforce App on smartphone or tablet all documents are available. By opening a document the Office App will be started and give you access to the document.

Add documents from Microsoft 365

In SharePoint or OneDrive a folder is created for each record when the first document is saved in Salesforce . These folders are accessible from the Microsoft 365 applications. Files directly saved into the folders in SharePoint or OneDrive are directly spotted by Files 365. Files 365 will make all document information available in the corresponding record in Salesforce, in the same way a document upload works in Salesforce.