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8 June 2023
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How to get the most out of Salesforce in 2024

Salesforce is number 3 in the Forbes list of the most innovative companies in the world for a reason. With a wide range of features and integrations to improve sales, marketing and service processes, Salesforce will continue to be the CRM solution of choice for many companies in 2024. In this blog, Floris Jan Galesloot, Salesforce Developer & Integration Specialist at Vloeiend IT, tells you how to get the most out of Salesforce again this new year.

1. Optimize your Salesforce org

Activating your own Salesforce environment is a piece of cake. But like any out-of-the-box solution, the design of the environment requires some attention. Are your employees not really happy with Salesforce, do they find it difficult to use or is not everyone using Salesforce correctly? Then probably there is room for optimization of your Salesforce environment.

2. Take advantage of Salesforce’s automation tools

Salesforce offers many automation tools, such as workflow automation. That way you can automate repetitive tasks and increase your efficiency. Check which tasks in your organization are suitable for automation and implement this to save time and resources.

3. Integrate Salesforce with Microsoft 365

By integrating Salesforce with Microsoft 365, you get even more out of your CRM environment. This way, the process of managing your files at customer level not only becomes easier, but also more efficient and less prone to errors. In Salesforce itself, working with Microsoft Office documents is laborious. File 365 allows you to open all your Microsoft 365 documents directly from Salesforce with just one click.

4. Use reports and dashboards in Salesforce

Salesforce’s extensive reports and dashboards functionality gives you insight into your sales and marketing performance. This way you get a better grip on what is happening in your company, you can plan better and make more sound decisions.

5. Put Salesforce at the center and integrate it with external systems

Avoid duplicate administrations and inconsistent data by integrating external systems with Salesforce. With Sync 360 you can synchronize systems automatically, you prevent errors and you always have the most up-to-date data.


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8 December 2023