Vloeiend is a certified Twinfield partner
Vloeiend IT is a certified Twinfield partner
20 February 2024

Get more value out of Salesforce with SharePoint integration

In Salesforce you have all the current information about leads, prospects and customers at hand and you create a 360-degree overview of your customer. However there is also a lot of information in documents stored elsewhere in the organization. How can you manage all these related files efficiently? Merk de Jager, CEO at Vloeiend IT explains how Salesforce SharePoint integration can help you to efficiently manage your customer files and get even more return from Salesforce.

360-degree customer view of Salesforce

Ideally, Salesforce is the leading information source and its related files support it. In practice we see that many organizations work the other way around. A lot of customer information is stored in files, in Microsoft 365’s SharePoint or elsewhere. You can upload a file to a Salesforce record, but if you want to change something, you must first download your file, adjust it and upload it again. If your colleague is working on the same file at the same time, you have a problem. So cumbersome and error-prone. We saw room for optimization and therefore we developed our unique integration solution: FILE 365.

Always the correct version of the correct file

Salesforce itself has limited options for working with documents. FILE 365 combines the power of Microsoft 365 with the power of Salesforce. This makes the process of managing your files at customer level much easier, more efficient and less error-prone. When you’re on the phone with a great prospect or important customer, you don’t want to think about a folder structure and where your documents are located. You want to have the right version of the right file immediately. With FILE 365 we have made that possible.

Two-way sync

Merk: ‘The app controls where your files are stored in SharePoint. At which location that is,  becomes irrelevant. FILE 365 syncs both ways. If you add a file you to a Salesforce record, it is immediately saved to SharePoint. And if you upload or edit in a SharePoint folder, it is immediately visible in the related Salesforce record.  This way you will always find your file. Regardless of the type of file.”

Use the smart functionalities of SharePoint

FILE 365 Salesforce SharePoint integration does not stop there. It supports online collaboration with colleagues. You can simply open your Microsoft 365 files from Salesforce and collaborate in real-time with colleagues, using all the smart functionalities of the Microsoft 365 applications and SharePoint, including version management. You don’t have to worry about security, you just use the rights structure of SharePoint. By using separate SharePoint sites, you can fine-tune the security per Salesforce record.

Anywhere, anytime

Today we are used to being able to access our files anywhere and at any time. At the office behind the desktop or laptop, or in the evening on the couch with the smartphone in hand. FILE 365 is functional in the Salesforce App on all devices.


With File 365’s Salesforce SharePoint integration, you can efficiently manage all your documents directly from Salesforce. File 365 not only improves your processes, but increases your productivity and improves collaboration. Interested? Visit file365.nl for more information or schedule a discovery call now!


1 April 2024